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Raising Generation HIV

Baby Nicky (1990).jpg

Baby Nicky, (1989)

The first reports of HIV infection in children in the United States emerged in December 1982, when the Centers for Disease Control described four children under two years with unexplained immunodeficiency and opportunistic infections.

In 1991, Steven and Roger began caring for sixth-month-old Nicky. Her immune system was fragile, and she did not survive her battle with HIV/AIDS.

In 2020, 37.7 million [30.2 million–45.1 million] people were living with HIV. 36.0 million [28.9 million–43.2 million] adults. 1.7 million [1.2 million–2.2 million] children (0–14 years). 53% of all people living with HIV were women and girls. AIDS orphans: 16.5 million children worldwide have lost their mother, father, or both parents due to HIV / AIDS. Around 13.7 million AIDS orphans live in sub-Saharan Africa alone. In 1994, the mortality rate for HIV-infected children and youth younger than 21 years of age in the United States was 7.2 deaths per 100 person-years (a rate based on the number of children in the study and the total number of years each child was followed).


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